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Data Entry

Our basic data entry service is the cornerstone of efficient financial management. We meticulously input and organize your financial data, ensuring accuracy and consistency. This foundation allows for more complex financial tasks to be executed with precision.

Reconciliation Of Banks & Ledgers

We navigate the intricate world of financial accounts, ensuring that the balances on your bank statements and ledgers align perfectly. Our reconciliations leave no room for errors, providing you with a clear and accurate financial picture.

TDS & GST Reports

Tax compliance is a complex landscape, but our TDS and GST reports simplify it. We track and compile your tax data, ensuring that you meet all the regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive reports not only ensure compliance but also offer insights to optimize your tax liabilities.

Reporting to CAs for Auditing

We understand the critical role of Chartered Accountants in your business. Our service ensures that your CA has all the necessary financial reports and data for auditing. This seamless collaboration results in a hassle-free and efficient audit process.

Finalization of Accounts

Our team works diligently to convert raw financial data into clear and concise accounts. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of your financial records, making necessary adjustments, and categorizing transactions accurately. The end result is a set of well-structured accounts ready for various financial purposes.

Preparation of Balance sheet and Profit & Loss

Crafting financial statements that are not only a legal requirement but also valuable tools for assessing your business’s health. Our balance sheets and profit & loss statements are expertly prepared, giving you a snapshot of your financial position and performance.

Outsource Accounts Department of a company

Save time and resources by outsourcing your entire accounts department to us. We become an integrated part of your team, handling all aspects of financial management, from data entry to tax compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Filing of returns (Income Tax, TDS, & GST)

Tax returns can be daunting, but our expert team takes care of the entire process. From income tax to TDS and GST, we ensure accurate and timely filing, reducing the risk of penalties and optimizing your tax strategy.

MIS Reports

Management Information System (MIS) reports are critical for strategic decision-making. We generate customized MIS reports, presenting key financial data and insights, helping you make informed choices to drive your business’s growth and success.

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